Every extension contains a manifest, which is a JSON file named extension.json. This file defines the fundamental metadata and components of an extension and how it integrates with the IDE.

Top-Level Key-Value Reference

Key Description Notes
activationEvents Set of Activation Events
breakpoints Set of Breakpoint templates provided Added in Nova 9.
bugs URL to the extension’s issue reporter link (required)
categories An array of Category identifiers (required)
commands Set of Commands provided
config Set of global Preferences
configWorkspace Set of workspace (project-specific) Preferences
description The user-readable descriptive text (required)
debugAdapters Set of Debug Adapters provided Added in Nova 9.
entitlements Description of an extension’s Entitlements
funding URL to the extension’s funding link, if any Added in Nova 2.
homepage URL to the extension’s homepage link, if any
identifier The unique extension identifier (required)
issueMatchers Set of Issue Matchers provided to the IssueParser API
license The name of the extension’s license, if any
max_runtime The maximum runtime supported
min_runtime The minimum runtime supported
name The user-readable name (required)
organization The user-readable organization name (required)
repository URL to the extension’s repository link, if any
version The extension version (required)
main Relative path to the extension’s Main Script
sidebars Set of Sidebars provided to the TreeView API
taskTemplates Set of Task Templates