A TaskResolvableAction object represents an action that can be used as part of a Task whose execution details are not known when the action is created. When the user invokes a task’s resolvable action, the action’s task provider will be queried to resolve the action into a more concrete type (such as a TaskProcessAction).

The TaskResolvableAction class is not subclassable.

Added in Nova 4.

Class Methods


Creates a TaskResolvableAction object.

The optional options can contain the following values:

Value Description
data An arbitrary transferrable (encodable) type that will be provided when the action is resolved
let action = new TaskResolvableAction({
    data: [1, 2, 3]

task.setAction(Task.Run, action);



The arbitrary data argument that will be passed to the action’s task provider when it is resolved.

This object can be of any type that is transferrable, or encodable in the same way as arguments to the CommandsRegistry.

This value will be provided to the task assistant’s resolveTaskAction() method through the context parameter of type TaskActionResolveContext.

This property is readonly.